Six-step process of book printing


Many people are curious about how such thick books are printed? 

Let's start by 6 steps:

1. PDF proofing and blue line print out.
A: PDF proofing 2 times by our factory. First Sales representative, Second Pre press room. 
B: Layout 
If everything goes well to print, (CMYK color format, Images  at a resolution of 300 DPI or above, all files have 3mm f bleeds) Our pre press room will work on the layout of the books. This means one large sheets with like 16 pages, 32 pages or 64 pages according to our PDF size. 
C: Blueline
Printing out bluelines, final proofing before offset printing

2. Computer to plates
Once approved bluelines. Computer to plates. 

3. Offset Printing
Plates insert to press and start printing.

4. Folding printed sheets
Quality check printed sheets and pick up the un-perfect one.
Starting folding the sheets and each folded sheets we called it signature.

5. Sewn stitch
Collecting the folded signatures in orders according to the pages numbers. Then sewn by machines.

6. Binding
Book block and cover bound together, we got a untrimmed books. The last step is trimmed to finished size. 

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