Lenticular Printing

1. Flip Lenticular Printing
Flip effect images consists of 2 or more images and can be produced for both horizontal and vertical applications. The viewing angle and the location of the person determine which image we get to see . e.g. A picture change to B picture.

2. Animation Lenticular Printing
Lenticular Card Printing correspond to different position of a continuous motion, e.g. blink girl , flower blossom or a running man.

3. Zooming Lenticular Printing
3D Lenticular Printing with the same objects but in different sizes to highlight the theme, e.g. Clothes Tags, Toy Sticker with company logo, Your Business Gifts & Promotional Gifts from China !

4.Morphing Lenticular Printing
Two radically different frames changing from one to another seamlessly, e.g. a man to a tiger like what you could see in a scientific movie.

5.3D Depth Lenticular Printing
3D Images Printing( Dimensional Lenticular) is another popular choice because of its appealing and eye-catching characteristics. 3D Depth Base different objects of the same images being separated into different spatial layers.

Lenticular printing Card used as a poster, it helps to enhance the effectiveness of your Custom printed promotional gifts when passerby is lured to hold the steps. If it is used as a small gift and premium items, it could prolong the life of your marketing messages as the potential customers usually keep these unique images together with your message as collectible. The returns of your investment will be enhanced.

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3d Lenticular Printing

3d Lenticular Printing

What is 3D Lenticular printing?
You may have heard of the word 3D effect severally but probably not the word lenticular. The concept of 3D is closely related to lenticular printing. You may have come across 3D lenticular images and prints such as notebooks, posters, business cards, postcards, stickers and so much more.

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